Below are the current job vacancies at Ebasco. We are looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our team. All applicants should carefully read the job description and qualifications of each job posting before applying. Any applicants who do not meet the required qualifications will be automatically rejected. If you feel that you would be a good candidate for any of the positions below, please follow the instructions to submit your CV/resume and cover letter (where required).

Please note that our HR team will contact you if we find you suitable for interview or if we would like to offer you a position. Applicants may email the designated HR member to find out the status of their application but applicants should under no circumstances call our offices to find out about their application. All applicants who are not contacted within 2 weeks after the deadline of a job posting may assume that they have not been selected for an interview or for the position.

Current Vaccancies

Job IDPositionDescriptionQualificationLast date to apply

There are no current vacancies.